Fundraising CRM & Donor Database

Save time and money by consolidating your data in one easy-to-use and powerful database.

  • Manage contacts, campaigns, appeals, and more
  • Record donor behavior and relationships
  • Import data from Excel or other systems
  • Mobile responsive for use on any device
  • Unlimited records for the same great price

Reports & Dashboards

Discover insights and trends that help make effective fundraising decisions. Segment and filter your data to create mailing lists and custom reports.

  • Birds eye view of your fundraising health
  • Metrics built for non-profits
  • Export and share reports
  • Unlimited custom reports

Online Giving

Make the donation experience easy with online giving pages that tell your story. Add unique online giving pages for any campaign.

  • Create pages targeted to your campaigns
  • Stripe and PayPal support
  • Custom messaging and branding
  • No limit to number of donation pages
  • Easy "no-code" creation of giving pages


Reach one or thousands of your contacts effortlessly. Build email lists, create eye-catching emails, link to campaigns, and view results all within one system.

  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Personalized content
  • Open and click rate reporting
  • Thousands of emails included per month

Action Board

More than a to-do list, the Action Board responds to important events as they happen. Know your priorities, next moves, and what needs to be reviewed. Never miss a chance to respond quickly to major gifts or new donors.

  • Respond quickly to important events
  • Intelligent response recommendations
  • Be alerted to changes in donor behavior
  • Set gift amounts that are important to you
  • Interactive tips on how best to engage with your donors

Trusted By Our Customers

  • Prior to utilizing DonorDock we experienced the challenges of managing contact and donor information using spreadsheets. DonorDock has provided us a far superior system for managing this important information with efficiency and accuracy.
    Memory Cafe of the Red River Valley
  • Choosing to partner with DonorDock was the clear, responsible choice for us to make. DonorDock allows us to be more productive and responsible with the gifts we are given, so we can keep our focus on the people we serve.
    St. Joe’s Catholic School
  • After using this program even for even just a short time, it is hard to imagine what we ever did before it. It has so easily become a daily tool used to track donor interaction and improve donor relationships.
    Youth for Christ
  • In small organizations, you typically have to wear multiple hats. DonorDock is perfect for these types of organizations, it’s a digital assistant and development director all in one.
    The Perry Center

Our customers rated DonorDock 4.9 / 5 stars on G2 Crowd


DonorDock is $69 a month ALL-INCLUSIVE

Not by the number of records or by the number of users - just $69 per month, period.

At DonorDock we believe in simple and transparent pricing. Get a full donor database and CRM, unlimited online giving pages, e-mail marketing and robust reporting for an affordable $69/month.


Years of broken promises from other donor software products may have left you skeptical, and we understand. That’s how we felt too. After years of working with change agents like yourself, we were not satisfied with the ordinary donor software. We wanted extraordinary. After saying someone should do something, we realized that someone was us, and that we could help people like you.

We dared to be different so you can be different too. The world needs you to be more of you, so we can impact this world for good through your great cause. This isn’t just an invitation to better software, it is a call to dream bigger. It’s been said that you’ll never get a $10 million dollar gift if you don’t have $10 million dream. If you want that and more for your cause, DonorDock can help by assisting you in taking action everyday, so all your small, consistent steps add up to big changes and massive impact for your efforts. Bo Bennett said, “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.” Take action today and give DonorDock a try, and begin a path toward making smart actions a habit that will produce unbelievable rewards for those you serve.