DonorDock is the helpful teammate you have been dreaming of for years. You simply add in your data and DonorDock goes to work right away to help you make smart moves that will lead to more money raised for your important cause. It has been thoughtfully designed to assist you in taking action. All it takes is 3 steps:

1. Analyze – Your information is turned into insights

Experience real-time data for real-time results

2. Do – Your data drives decisions

See the next smart decision illuminated for you

3. Track – Your records become reports

Easily add and change all your fundraising records


By signing up for DonorDock, you will experience what it is like to be in a fundraising flow. Your donors will be given a voice and you’ll know your priorities, next moves, what needs to be reviewed, and by when. Together, this all leads to you making effective fundraising decisions and getting the right things done to raise more money to power your mission.


DonorDock is $69 a month ALL-INCLUSIVE

Not by the number of records or by the number of users - just $69 a month, period.

What is the value of really loving your donors and having a software teammate that helps you do just that, all day, every day? Many say it’s priceless, but we want to help you make a greater impact, so we made it affordable for small shops. This free trial will show that you can be liberated from your software battle and will equip you to further your mission with the donors who desire to join with you in making a difference!


We are reserving the next 100 subscriptions to be just $49 a month ALL INCLUSIVE for LIFE.

That means any price changes won’t impact your costs, and that all the amazing features that will be added as this donor software solution (your new teammate) continually strives to be an extraordinary experience will be yours at just $49 dollars a month - for LIFE.

You can be part of the next 100 teams that will get DonorDock for LIFE at $49 a month

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Years of broken promises from other donor software products may have left you skeptical, and we understand. That’s how we felt too. After years of working with change agents like yourself, we were not satisfied with the ordinary donor software. We wanted extraordinary. After saying someone should do something, we realized that someone was us, and that we could help people like you.

We dared to be different so you can be different too. The world needs you to be more of you, so we can impact this world for good through your great cause. This isn’t just an invitation to better software, it is a call to dream bigger. It’s been said that you’ll never get a $10 million dollar gift if you don’t have $10 million dream. If you want that and more for your cause, DonorDock can help by assisting you in taking action everyday, so all your small, consistent steps add up to big changes and massive impact for your efforts. Bo Bennett said, “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.” Take action today and give DonorDock a try, and begin a path toward making smart actions a habit that will produce unbelievable rewards for those you serve.